How to get your first job in Data Science?


#1: What are the most important data scientist skills and tools? And how can you get them?

  • bash/command line
  • Python
  • SQL
  • R
  • (and sometimes Java)
source: KDnuggets

#2: How to learn?

1st: Books.

Top 7 data books I recommend

2nd: Online webinars and video courses.

#3: How to practice, and how to get real life experience

  • I built a script that monitored a real estate website and emailed me the best deals in real time — so I could get these deals before everyone else.
  • I built a script that was pulling all the articles form ABC, BBC and CNN and, based on the words used, connected the articles that were about the exact same topic on the 3 different news portals.
  • I built a self-learning chatbot in Python. (It’s not too smart though — as I haven’t trained it yet.)
left side: my question — right side: the answer (in 7 minutes)

+1 suggestion:

#4: Where and how do you send your first job application?




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